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Ownership Disclosure

To our patients,

We recognize that you have the right to choose the provider of your healthcare services. We are pleased that you have chosen Premier Surgical Center of Michigan.
On behalf of our physician partners,
Thank you

Andrew Ajluni, M.D.
Ara Bush, M.D.
Jeffrey Carroll, M.D.
Kenneth Cervone, M.D.
Benjamin Chen, M.D.
Steven Cusick, M.D
Mark Goldberger, D.O
Suzanne Hall, M.D.
Jonathan Hinz, D.O
John Knapp, M.D.
Peter Kowynia, M.D
Brian Loder, D.P.M
Angela Messina, M.D.
Paul Nehra, M.D.
Paul Schreck, M.D.
Benedetto Pellerito M.D.
Raymond Quasarano, M.D.
Paul Schreck, M.D.
Richard Veyna, M.D.
Chad White, M.D.